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Inday Michiko is a character borne from the fascination of both Japanese and Filipino culture. The name itself is an amalgamation of the Visayan endearment "Inday" and the Japanese name "Michiko". This curious little creation is the brainchild of Filipino graphic designer, Pawlo Pascual. According to Pawlo, there are many reasons as to why he created Michiko. 'I grew up in the 80's, we are basically the first generation who grew up watching anime and collecting anime trading cards every single day. Even my first toys were Japanese, Keroppi and Badtz Maru, and Voltes V action figures. It may not be very apparent, but Filipinos have this strong affinity towards Japanese pop culture. I created Inday Michiko because I want to make a kawaii character with a Filipiniana twist.'

Another reason that also inspired Pawlo to create Inday Michiko is the unique history surrounding Filipinos and Japanese, specifically the people of Mindanao. 'As a Davaoeño, I was fascinated by Davao's relationship with the Japanese. This place used to be called 'Little Tokyo' for being one of largest settlements of Japanese migrants in the world. More than ten thousand Japanese have been recorded to have settled mainly in Davao.'

Who is Inday Michiko? According to Pawlo, Michiko is a Nikkeijin (Japanese descendant) who was born and raised in the Philippines. She dons the traditional Filipiniana, and gets into all sorts of adventures. 'I want to make Inday Michiko both a cute character, and a souvenir of Philippine-Japanese history.


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